by Miggs & Freak Tha Monsta

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Miggs Son Daddy & Freak Tha Monsta hop on the classic "Kick In The Door" by Notorious B.I.G. produced by DJ Premier.

I'm gonna give you to the count of 3 to bump this rugged, filthy, mind-twisting, braggadocio-bar-studded banger! One, two.........



I'll hit you with the grittiest
gulliest, shittiest, slummiest
silliest, funniest, rebellious
collected, yet melted
welter-weight champ status
the baddest, dapper, the snazziest
mad lavish
visual, cinematic, vividest
realest, classic, everlasting
blasting, plot-crafting
drafting, massive
map-morphing, mental graph-warping
special badge-sporting, extra wack-aborting
the most important
sole significant
gifted, magnificent
piff-scented, a bit different
lifted, mystic, holistic, characteristic
vintage, dark-tinted, sadistic, sin-tempted
twisted, linguistic, sickest
most sinister, cynical, the cryptic
viciously realistic
incredibly terrific
artistic, futuristic flow that ever existed. SON.

Tha Monsta

On the boards wit the nastiest
slash slappin, disastrous
vinyl-crackin, extravagant
anti-snappin, boom-bappiest
native new york & mind-blowin
spine-foldin, unsigned grind, divine
open-ended-designed, sublime, potent
exclusive & radical
impactful, tactical
naturally jacked & masterful
calculated, abrasive, animalistic, alchemistic
intrinsic, minimal, riddle-like & twisted
dingy, raw, sticky, drippy, without flaw
simply authentic, gin-scented, eccentric
metaphor-blessed, so respected,
unconventional, exceptional
fresh, expensive, dispensable
detectable, infectious, weapon-esque
edgy, yet plentiful
extremely dangerous, hazardous, uncontainable
heinous, rabid, organic, savage, ravenous, miraculous
true-to-life, the most gruesomest, fluid
stupidest, smoothest samples to ever be produced wit. FREAK.


released December 25, 2013
Original by Notorious B.I.G.
Produced by DJ Premier



all rights reserved


F.E.B. (Four Elements & Beyond) New York, New York

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