Dragon Ball EP

by Miggs Son Daddy

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    Miggs Son Daddy gives a potent glimpse into the internationally renowned world of Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT.

    If you have heard at least a handful of Miggs songs, you've probably noticed him reference the greatest anime ever created. Now, he has gone full fanboy and created a project that explores the story, characters and world of Dragon Ball through masterfully executed song-writing. You can feel the authenticity in the music, as all of the production samples from the original score by Shunsuke Kikuchi and original Japanese dialogue from the show.

    Get out your VHS tapes, manga and graphic novels - Travel with Miggs down Snake Way, through Hell, to the World Tournament and into the psyche of characters such as Goku, Frieza, Vegeta and more! Whether you grew up with Dragon Ball or have only heard of it (I KNOW you've heard of it) you will be infatuated with the bangin' beats, action-packed rhymes, story-telling and vivid imagery on 'Dragon Ball EP'.

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Miggs Son Daddy gives a potent glimpse into the internationally renowned world of Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT.

If you have heard at least a handful of Miggs songs, you've probably noticed him reference the greatest anime ever created. Now, he has gone full fanboy and created a project that explores the story, characters and world of Dragon Ball through masterfully executed song-writing. You can feel the authenticity in the music, as all of the production samples from the original score by Shunsuke Kikuchi and original Japanese dialogue from the show.

Get out your VHS tapes, manga and graphic novels - Travel with Miggs down Snake Way, through Hell, to the World Tournament and into the psyche of characters such as Goku, Frieza, Vegeta and more! Whether you grew up with Dragon Ball or have only heard of it (I KNOW you've heard of it) you will be infatuated with the bangin' beats, action-packed rhymes, story-telling and vivid imagery on 'Dragon Ball EP'.


released July 5, 2017

Tracks 1, 3, 5 & 7 produced by Smash Adams
Tracks 2, 4 & 6 produced by Freak Tha Monsta
All tracks recorded at F.E.B. Studios
All tracks mixed and mastered by Freak Tha Monsta
All samples from the original music of Dragon Ball Z by Shunsuke Kikuchi
Story and characters based on Dragon Ball, DBZ & DBGT written by Akira Toriyama
All songs written and arranged by Miggs Son Daddy (except track 5 ft. Cult Cyph)
All album art illustrated and designed by Miggs Son Daddy


all rights reserved



F.E.B. (Four Elements & Beyond) New York, New York

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Track Name: Instant Transmission
Who you know got a better show?
On this episode, I might let it go
I'm head to toe in that orange and blue
But my balls are that red and gold
I might make the whole set explode
With a power level over 9Gs
'Cause my chi is that high breed
Grimy 90's rhyme steez
Kai please! I buy trees
And fly high in the sky breeze
Playin' hide-n-seek with these dinosaurs
So these evil forces won't find me
I've been to hell and competed with demons
And made it out safe
Laughed in his face
Jumped on the back of a snake
And escaped straight from a fiery lake
Every statement the dude's displaying
Is a super saying
You should be loopin' it on your playlist
Every few rotations
Don't be too courageous
Crews shake like I'm cool with Satan
Ooh I'm just waitin' for a full moon
For a full mutation
Watch the transformation
Tell ya men to man your station
'Cause my planet is a clan of apes
And we command with greatness
I land my spaceship on your plantation
And fam fainted
You tried to blam
But I stand facing the cannon
As I hand you casings

(Listen) My whole clique in position
I've been on a mission
Thinking of things that I'm wishing
I move so quickly, if you blink you might miss him
Teleport to the top like it was Instant Transmission!

Who you know with a iller set
Super hero with a killer rep
As real as it gets
Take off my legs and I'm still in effect
I got Piccolo flesh!
Woo! Let my body regenerate
Shh! I'm trying to meditate
I finally straightened my mental state
So I be hittin' Popo and Kame to celebrate!
Track Name: World Tournament
Attention, attention! All rise
The ultimate battle, the ultimate prize
They fight in the ring and they fight in the sky
There’s only the winners, there won’t be a tie
Strap yourself in, we’re about to begin
The maaain event, the bout the end
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls
Welcome to the wooooorld tournament

Soon as the fightin’ start, I’m striking like a lightning spark
I hope the mic is on, I hype the audience but frighten y’all
Competition sitting’ in a puddle of their piss and
These chickens stricken with indecision
They don’t want collisions
Come and get it, I warned you not to test me
I mastered a flawless technique - more think, less speak
Hittin’ ya right and left cheek
Finish it with a leg sweep
I'm flingin' you out the arena, see ya!
Kickin’ you into next week
Time out - let’s eat
My belly is my adversary
Skip the deli, just a break
For tea and cake, pass the jelly
That was heavy
But I’m only steady when I’m energized
Full and sweaty, wait - was there spaghetti?
Anyway, I’m ready! don’t get it twisted I’m deadly
When I win the whole thing
I’m tossin’ zeni like confetti
Unlike many, I’m a true martial artists
My life is dedicated to training, sonny I’m starving.


I roll up with a hoody on my head
Cloaked, just watching
Taking notes with a book and a pen
I'll leave you cookin' just for lookin' at Shen
I fight dirty, I mean really
Flickin' boogers and phlegm
Somethin' foul will make you chuck the towel
Let's see you chuckle now
I sit a sucka down with my drunken style
Play thug and get punched in the mug
Face all covered in blood
Drug through the muck and mud
Jackie Chun gettin' smacked for fun
The moment your attack is done
I suggest you pack and run
I'm the SON
The one to make you wonder
Whether you were ever even meant to win
Or learn a lesson
True power's an internal possession
If you seek it, you don't peak
It's an eternal progression
So heed the word of the turtle hermit's suggestions
I hurdle herbs in a second
I am certainly flexin'!


The finalist - swellin' up ya eyes and lips
Iron fist, beat you on repeat like when vinyl skips
I'm a hybrid mix of Ghandi and karate flicks
Extra griminess, I'm leavin' X's on your irises
You're no match, I'm solid, you polka dot
Throw you in a choke
Poke ya eyes, tie ya throat in knots
The perfect photo-op
Honey take a pic... yo!
Where' my shorty go??
I told her she's supposed to watch
Oh my god!
I think they ought to go and round the meds
I'll pound ya chin, stars circlin’ around ya head
Knock you down again
Son, you got til the count to 10
Sound the bells, blare the horns
Bring the flowers in
Thousands of men and women chanting my name
But I can't complain
It's a champion's game

Track Name: From Hell
The great demon king
Green skin, creepy grin
Deep within, I hunger for power to sink my teeth up in
Some people sin, others try flying straight
Why debate? I decide your fate, I annihilate!
Time to skate, nope! No one escapes the flow in action
Soul assassin, I control the whole planet with no compassion
Don’t provoke a savage known to grow to be massive
I told the dragon, “grand me youth!”
Before he exploded to ashes
Behold the fashion - indigo with the demon symbol
I birthed the Piano, the Drum, Tambourine and Cymbal
I keep it simple, I’m just concentrated evil
Not the kind to greet you, but the kind to eat you
Never kind or peaceful
I’ll defeat you if that means I’ve got to die, fam
But I can see that you can see right through me
My man. I planned. No one matches my madness
Little Junior has my back - after he hatches that is

Live from the bottom of the pit
Got your life in my palms, whole world in my grips
It’s the triple threat - unholy trinity
You can run, but you can’t hide
I hunger for your energy

The cold killer, the villain, nobody’s cooler
Calculated conquerer, cosmic, divine ruler
The spine-chiller, my mind designs thrillers
Make the sky sizzle with the rise of just one of my five fingers
Tyrannical, megalomaniacal
A bastard acting radical is liable to catch a fireball
Try and stall, see the most righteous rise and fall
I’m the law. I’m the one behind the wall, I rival all
I finally got the balls to reach an immortal state
I slaughter apes and leave ‘em at the bottom of green water lakes
My final form is great, I’ll give you the honor to witness
Transition into a monster, bro - I’m unstoppable bitches!
Comically vicious. Precious lives step aside
I don’t exercise, only weaponized genocide
You thought you killed me? I could never die!
Even if I’m mechanized - I’ll forever represent my tribe


All praises to the creator who gave me data
Gene-modification displayed in a generator
A chamber under a mountain, in a cave is my manger
I came to avenge the brain behind the Red Ribbon remainder
An organism, forged in liquid
Dog, I’m more than wicked
Leavin’ corpses withered on the floor when I absorb my victims
No more mourning or bitching
I go to war with conviction
It’s sort of sickening, but listen son - I was born with a mission
None the less, we could never be the same team
I’m on the hunt for young flesh, like 17 or 18
Yummy it’s so tasty, hungry leave the plate clean
I think I’ll have a tournament, it’ll be like a buffet thing
From larva to person, horror’s emerging
Tomorrow isn’t promised, I’m the only god you should worship
I even spawned evil offspring, it’s time to disperse ‘em
I think I’m going to hell
I am horribly perfect

Track Name: The Mighty
People of the world unite
We all fight together tonight
I know it’s dark but don’t get beat down
Stay the strong, keep shedding the light

People of the world as one
Lift your heads up to the sun
Feel the love, don’t let the hate win
No keep going, look how far we’ve come

I’ve traveled the world searching for magical pearls
Summoned the sacred dragon that was tangled in swirls
Sure, I stay pure, got my girl and my son
But there’s always a threat, if you test me you’re done
Now I’m grown and I know my role
No matter where I came from
This is the home I know
I’ve roamed the cosmos and fought the most wretched
Was taught to go get it
Been lost with no exit
Get ya chest hit, left breathless, it’s senseless
What’s this obsessions with death? Why wreck shit?
Life’s precious, I defend it at all costs
It all falls down if we let it get off course
Evil forces sleep in the dark corners
So I keep getting stronger
My limits have no borders
I was born with a deadly objective, but I rejected
Instead I’m dedicated to protecting…


Ever since I was a little kid I’ve been different
But it’s no coincidence that my power is magnificent
Am I an instrument? Perhaps I’m significant
I’ll happily give it to those
thinking that they’re omnipotent
Sticking up for those not big enough
Never giving up, persist until they’re sick of us
Kick up dust and rush my opponent
Float up, begin glowing
I must’ve been chosen
Trust the omen, when spoken it opens clouds
It even causes waves that soak up my homie’s house
I never imagined when I’m older I’d be renowned
I just wanna be out in nature
You never see me in town
I really feel that our people are a peaceful one
We’ve become so fierce, think of the years to come
As long as I’m here there won’t be the fear
I just need you all near
To believe in the Son


I got enemies as far as the stars reach
But a lot of allies as far as the gods be
Top speed, I return rejuvenated
Burn through the air, hair is illuminated
A little faded, but awakened a hidden ability
Brilliantly bruise and batter
The challenger quite ambitiously
There’s only one way to victory
If not, this is it for me
Hmm - Let me see…
Attention all citizens:
Critters, creatures and simians
Lend me your ears
I’m addressing you by the millions
This is big one, I need everyone to listen in
Close your eyes, focus your mind on your inner filament
This is our last chance, here it goes!
I gave it my all - mind, body, spirit and soul
Utilizing everybody’s energy and mine
Put my life on the line for the future of mankind

Track Name: Times Three (Ft. Cult Cyph)
(Soco) Got a super crew that I move with
Couple bald dudes, seeing Z’s like ya snoozin’
With my third eye wide awake as I demonstrate
Throwing up my crane-style
Watch me elevate, I’ma float away
Into outer space
Need an enemy to face
Bringing balance to the universe
Now raise the higher stakes
They gon’ use my name for generations
In many nations
Compare me to ya limitations, aye!

(Miggs) Can’t fuck with the Kaioken
Better try again
We cook crews, fry ya friends
Why defend? Your mind’ll bend
Times three, times ten
Whatch as I ascend
Time and time again I tried to warn you
Re-align ya spine, get tossed in a portal
By a mere mortal, a mammal, normal
Just so Kai damn immoral

(Jai) I’m from the planet Namek
Hit ‘em with the cannon
They don’t want the damage
I don’t understand how people feel the panic
I been feastin’ on ‘em when I’m feelin’ famished
Majin Buu shit, niggas gettin’ branded
On some true shit
I can’t stand a fuckin’ Mr. Satan
Been hatin’ all along
I don’t even gotta say it in a song

(Soco) Stand up or die kickin’
Turn around in an instant
Villains never want to listen
Wastin’ a chance that they’ll never get back
And god knows why they all gon’ attack
It don’t bother me none
We could chop the beef for free son
Get ya beans up!
Lettin’ loose on you common goons
Let the other side know that I’m comin’ soon

(Miggs) Seven stars
Levitate cars with an incredible charge
If that doesn’t get an applause
You better prep ya head and ya jaw
‘Cause I’m actually draggin’ my genital balls
Check on ya moms
Pay some respect to the gods
Hop on the internet and log on
To the new website
Cop the toys and collect all the cards

(Jai) Kamehameha, oh my fuckin’ god
Got extended clips with extended rods
Super Saiyan god
You been sayin’ I ain’t used to savin’ y’all?
You been playin’ and I’m usually trainin’ hard
Grand Kai keep a grand scheme involved
Keep it really real or we could really spar
We been drillin’ y’all, we ain’t feelin’ y’all
At all

You can see it in my eyes that I’m out to win it (and)
When I raise my level high, then it’s time to get it (yeah)
Don’t doubt it, use your scouter and you’ll see the power in us
We them Kiaoken kings gettin’ stronger every minute (what)

(Miggs) Let’s keep it canon
Keep it street, keep it slammin’
With each beatdown I can see the planet
Crackin’ to the magma beneath the granite
Damn it, enter The Dead Zone
Or you could today’s date
Etched in a headstone
After you bled from the head and nose
Heaven knows, let it go!

(Jai) I’m keepin’ ‘em guessing
It’s true that you lose when I fuse with my brethren
My crew makin’ moves when I snooze with my weapon
Praise Buddha, got shooters, I flew with the best of ‘em
I need your energy
Heat up the ki to defeat these enemies
Readjust the scene when I’m transforming
Readjust the time like it’s Capsule Corps and

(Soco) Yemma, Yemma, Yemma
Got him over-working ‘cause I’m over-killing
So I hung ‘em with their fuckin’ ribbons
Kame never came and made a difference
Say the words when the light is dim
When it’s time to win I will Kaioken
Call me noble or an idiot
But if it didn’t matter, then I wouldn’t win


(Jai) I’m blowin’ the nimbus ’til niggas is finished
I’m over the limits, I’m sippin’ with Krillin
They been askin’ for me
I been on a mission
Master Roshi plus he got the sake spillin’

(Soco) Pourin’ black water liquor
With the hover cars training in the stars
I’m a legend to you fairytales
Weightless in my shell
I will never fail, stay from where I dwell

(Miggs) Ride ‘round with the Ginyu
Wild shit we get into
You don’t want an ounce of issues
We’ll diss you, knock you down and pin you
You gon’ need a pound of senzu

(Jai) You gon’ have to grab a tissue
This a tri-beam against a pistol
My aura’s Debura, don’t let the devil hit you
I’ma go a head and raise my level with you

(Soco) Send a savage set of super-powered blasts
At ya silly ass, leave you in a cast
Yajirobe got a bag in the stash
Flippin’ keys gettin’ fat off of that

(Miggs) Switch and I’ll launch ya
At the drop of a hat, I get piss if I want to
We’ll quickly assault ya
These kids’ll haunt ya
You a bigger bitch than Yamcha

(Jai) The last Namekian
As mad as the laugh when I blast pedestrians
She summons my dragon then she gets to wishin’
Imagine the passion, I see competition

(Soco) I boxed with the Ox King across the castle
Never lost a battle
Dipped in a whip that appeared when I tossed the capsule
Stay tuned, watch the story unravel

(Miggs) Follow me, the kid is a prodigy
Literally an anomaly
Why would you romp with me?
You talk that gibberish probably
Bibidi Babidi
Track Name: Legendary
I arrive, from the sky - fly soarin’ in
The story begins, it’s the origin of a foreign king
Born to win
You thought it was lore? Think again
A fighter to the core with a worrior’s skin
I get it in! Get in line or get disintegrated
Just the thought if incinerating
Your brain is titillating
My men are waiting for me to lift the cages
But I’m still debating your fait
Before initiating a big invasion
A big BANG is sure to finish a foe
So exhilarating, I should be selling tickets to the show
Oh! Wow! Blow! Look at the fireworks
This is why I smirk, been wild since child birth
Not a word, don’t even try to resist
You’re either with us or against us
Pick a side of the fense
I’d never surrender, I’d rather die in a ditch
I’m a pure blood with the true pride of a prince

[Bardock and Frieza stand-off]

I caught a glimpse
Of the horrible events that occurred
I a vision where my kindred all burned
Word to my squadron
Everybody in the North Quadrant
Gon’ leard why this kid’s disturbed
When I heard my whole race was erased into blackness
Wiped off the face of space in my absence
I collapsed - my father is gone
I’m a prince with no people to acknowledge the don
I’m on a mission that some would call an obsession
Seeking ascension
I don’t expect you to see my intention
Peasants in my presence better believe I’ma set it
Yo my lineage is legendary, never forget it
Let ‘em know! My message will echo throughout the universe
I’m here to rule it all, but I think I’ll take out the humans first
I flew in search of a challenge
But in reality, I’d actually rather be immortal
Who wants to battle me?!

[Napa confronts Goku]

Not a soul can go toe-to-toe if we clash
It’s over fast
I’ll whoop a lower-class soldier’s ass
Hold this blast, feel the flash from my Galik Gun
I was gassed, but I see you’re not an average one
I’m mad as fuck, I burn planets and suns
But you’re strength has surpassed
While you laugh like you’re having fun
My blood boils hotter than a kettle
How could I ever settle?
Always striving to reach a higher level
You had traits I took for mistakes
No hate, no rage
No pride nor grace
No taste for the art of competition
Instead only a heart of compassion, that’s not tradition
A different wisdom, but props I gotta give em
Even if it’s stinging every fiber of my egotism
This whole time I’ve been trying to win
Now I see - you’re a god and I’m a king
Track Name: Cell Breakdown
Shock! Sizzle! Blast off!
I hop out of the hospital bed
Head wrapped, rip the cast off
I’m here to give you what you asked for
It’s your own dumb ass fault
I’m not one for the back talk
Causin’ faults in the asphalt
Don’t be a bad sport, I told you this was a crash course
Black heart, my knuckles are brass claws
Smashin’ ya physical matter
Shattering glass jaws
I need to pause, shit’s getting me in trouble
I better meditate a little with Gregory and Bubbles
Good pose - get my energy to double
If you look close, you can see the levitating rubble
Enough just to generate a buzz
My metadata is greater, while ya takin’ the bus
While you’re makin’ a fuss, I am makin’ them bucks
Sluts show me their chi chi’s
While they’re shakin’ their butts
You a putz, a clutz, a dunce
I’m nuts - I fuck up punks and do all my own stunts
Smoke blunts since I woke up
Blowin’ clouds of nimbus loud for you to soak up
Gold fronts, gold hair, gold everything
As it’s developing, the music is unsettling
Menacing, threatening, gettin’ deafening
Mentally emanating an eminent day of reckoning
Wherever it is that we’re heading, I’m relishing
Leveling cities with no questioning
High on adrenaline, my kind of medicine
Bionic metal skin, my what a specimen!
So sweet, I devour the whole beat
I throw heat, never succumbing to cold feet
When we meet, it’s not beef
But I’m in ya bed below sheets
With Bulma and no briefs
Fold and crease your whole being
I believe when your soul’s released it’s so freeing
There’s no reason to slow my role, really
I’m a heathen to the bone
A stone with no feelings
Training with weighted gear in the rain for a year and change
Clear the lane when you hear the name
Dear lames - fear the beard game
I’m here on business, delivering sheer pain
Shape-shift, brace yourself
I make the earth quake, shake shit, glaciers melt
Take ya health, I am raising hell
Quit the screamin’ and yellin’, better pray for help
I hope King Kai’s telekinetic lessons
Are getting the appropriate attention and credit
Before I edit and cut your life force
Gettin’ deaded, I’m possessed
The big “M” on my forehead’s embedded
Tactfully attack your faculty
Tappin’ into the savage beast that’s been trapped in me
I have a dream of mastery, but I’m actually
Fast asleep behind my glasses and magazine
I break the game down to the cell
The look, the feel, the taste, the sound the smell
A story that I’m proud to tell
Son stood strong where thousands fell

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